Sunday, February 14, 2010

2nd Annual Trip to Texas - Day 1

Here we go again! Team Darnell planned it's 2nd Annual Trip to see Grandma Ragsdale in Texas. We would make our usual stops along the way to visit family and friends. Kellie's mom, Grandma Noller, would travel with us to Louisiana where she would stay with her sisters for two weeks while we traveled on.

We needed a way to bring our triplet stroller, so a bike rack attached to the trailer hitch did the trick. Also, check out the sporty luggage carrier on top.
We found that the boys travel better if we spread them out. There is no touching, no stealing of toys, and they can stretch out. We also had Grandma in the back to entertain them. This is just before we pulled out of the driveway, about an hour later than we had planned.
The boys didn't take a nap at home, so they all crashed before we hit the interstate. This would be the longest leg of the trip, so sleeping also helps pass the time.
The other advantage of our seating arrangement: everyone has a window seat! Jared uses the cup holder for a foot rest while he gazes at the water.
Our plan was to stop every few hours for diaper changes and so everyone could stretch their legs. We tried to find places with playgrounds or patios so the boys could burn off some energy. We stopped at a McDonald's with a nice fenced-in patio outside of Pensacola.
We were surprised to find this area where the boys could just run around. Kellie was talking to Grandma and mentioned "who needs a play area when you can run around and have fun." Just at that moment, Wesley made his own entertainment by throwing dirt. Apparently, running around was not as fun as throwing dirt!
An attempt to take a group photo. They were more interested in Grandma's drink.
Back on the road after our pit stop. Having Grandma along made the trip much more fun!
Another pit stop, this time at Burger King somewhere in Mississippi. There was a another fenced-in patio where the boys could run around and wave at drive-thru customers. We seem to attract attention everywhere we go. Our final destination this day would be at Aunt Connie's house in Houma, Louisiana. The boys haven't seen her, or Aunt Sue, for some time so it took them a few minutes to warm up. Once everyone got settled in, we had a rolling party from the fire mantle, and then called it a day. I am not sure what is more entertaining, the boys rolling around soaking up the attention or the infectious laughter of the Giroir girls...

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