Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2nd Annual Trip to Texas - Day 4

While preparing for our trip, Mommy had the presence of mind to pack an emergency bag filled with books, tambourines, and lots of Dollar Tree goodies. This would be brought out if the boys became too restless during our drive time. We also borrowed a DVD player, but that was going to be a last resort, when all else fails. We started the second leg of our trip, travelling from Houma to Tomball, Texas. This is just outside of Houston, and where our friend Heather and her family lives. Mommy took the "dancing monkey" position in the back seat to entertain the boys while Daddy drove.

To help pass the time, we played the CD from our Musikgarten class. Wesley joins in with some tambourine.
Wes was rocking out!
Andrew sings along to the hand washing song.
Jared is seen here in a familiar pose.
In true toddler fashion, everything is examined in the mouth.
Wheeeeeeeeere's Jared?
What luck! We found a Burger King with a fenced patio right before we hit the Texas border.
Jared runs amok.
Crossing into Texas, I think I remarked about how the state smells like cows. Turned out to be a cattle truck about a half-mile ahead of us.
We arrived safely at Miss Heather's house, and everyone was happy to finally be out of the truck. The boys ran around the cul-de-sac with some neighborhood children for a while, then we all headed in for the night.

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