Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2nd Annual Trip to Texas - Day 10

There were rumors of snow in the forecast, which was hard to believe given the mild weather that we had been enjoying all week. We woke up to see light snow flurries, but not a lot of accumulation. The boys have never experienced snow and we spent the morning looking out the windows at the white stuff. Our plan was to spend the morning indoors and then suit up to play in the snow after nap. Well.....

Most of the snow piled up on our truck and the tree branches but melted as it hit the ground. A little snow hangs onto a tree in front of the house. Jared enjoys his milk in festive attire. Everyone looks outside at the snow falling. Grandma lives at the base of a hill, and often gets deer in her yard. We watched as two deer walked around in the tree line. To combat cabin fever, we broke out some crayons.

Wesley and Jared pass the time by enjoying a ride in the office chair. While the boys took a nap, we went outside to play in the snow! There was just enough snow left on the truck to make a few snowballs. Mommy and Daddy square off for a battle.
Daddy took one in the chest.
The snow was falling pretty hard for a little while. Mommy spent most of the time taking pictures. The cactus plant in Grandma's front yard. Mommy and Daddy after their snowball fight. Mommy was almost unable to particiapte in the snowy fun as she did not pack appropriate footwear. A typical Florida girl, she had a pair of flip flops and a pair of heals. Luckily, Grandma wears the same size shoe and was willing to give her a pair to wear along with gloves and a scarf. Thanks Grandma! Unfortunately, our plan to share the fun with the boys was a bad one. The snow let up before the boys woke up from their nap, so they weren't able to go play in it. However, they had fun playing with Pop-pi (pronounced like 'Popeye' the Sailorman). This is what the boys have been saying and it has now stuck. When Pop-pi got home from work, Andrew put on his hat and jacket.
Wes shared Pop-pi's hot tea. Wes had more fun drinking this by the fingerful.
Daddy and Jared relax watching TV. "Two peas in a pod!"
Here is Wes relaxing in Pop-pi's chair. When Mommy would sit in this chair, Daddy would tell her to 'move.' But Wes, he took full advantage of relaxing in his chair.
Here is Jared before bedtime drinking some more milk. He sure loves his milk.

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