Sunday, February 21, 2010

2nd Annual Trip to Texas - Day 8

Today is Sunday and there were no plans for the day. We enjoyed the day hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa. By the end of the day, Ms. Jolene had stopped by with something that would offer the boys a great deal of fun. Here are some pictures from our day.

Grandma helps the boys with some puzzles.
Then she had a jam session with Wes on xylophone.
In another attempt to spoil the boys, Grandma lets them play with a roll of tape.
The boys weren't able to get the roll of tape started, so they looked to Grandpa for help.
They were very patient while Grandpa tried to restart the tape.
Grandma came home from the store with three new hats for the boys. Andrew wears his backwards.
Andrew has a Spiderman hat, Wesley took the Elmo hat, and Jared wore a Lightning McQueen hat.
On this day, there was an 'airpane' circling overhead and the boys were doing their best to point it out on each trip by the house. While all of the boys are excellent 'airpane' hunters, Andrew is true 'Fantasy Island' material, "Da plane boss, da plane"
Awwww, just a cute picture.
Grandma tried to keep the boys away from a thorny plant, which soon turned into a game. The disgusted look on Wes' face is priceless.
The boys are running her ragged.
Andrew pulled his hat so low, it made his ears stick out.
Andrew surprises Wesley with a spontaneous hug.
Andrew gets his own surprise when Jared throws his arm around him.
Miss Jolene brought an air mattress by for the boys to jump on.
In our family, jumping is a full-contact sport!
The boys would jump to the edge and into someone's arms. We would then help them somersault back into the action.

While the pictures show what a great time the boys had, nothing beats a little video! Check out the WWF moves from Wes as he throws his body onto the pile. It may look rough but the boys had a great time!

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