Monday, February 22, 2010

2nd Annual Trip to Texas - Day 9

On day 9 of our vacation, we planned a trip into town to visit the courthouse where Grandma works, and to the store where Grandpa works.

Jared ordered "the usual" for breakfast:waffles, bananas, and "dip it" (yogurt).
Grandma spun the boys in office chairs to keep them occupied for a while.
We took a trip to the West Bear Creek General Store where Grandpa works. The boys were interested in checking out everything. Here they size up some cowboy hats.
Grandma helps the boys look at housewares.
Andrew and Jared were very interested in the batteries.
Jared helped by straightening the bottles of "Pig Out."
Miss Karen shows Andrew the proper method for using a cork gun.
Jared enjoyed taking things off the shelf and putting them back.
Wesley was unfamiliar with this item, so he tried to sweep the floor with it.
Andrew restocks some tape on the display.
Miss Karen and the boys check out hunting and fishing magazines.
Serious readers... We left the General Store and walked across the street to the Kimble County Courthouse where Grandma works. We all piled into a courtroom and invited everyone to come visit. The boys are once again taking a ride in office chairs.
Grandma and Miss Jolene do a few laps around the table.
Wesley watches as Jared throws himself on the mercy of the court. Jared was trying hard to convince us to allow him to run in the hallway that was right outside the courtroom.
We amassed quite a crowd, but this wouldn't last long...
...because the boys wanted to run up and down the halls!
Everyone took up strategic positions to keep the boys in the building.
Andrew poses with Miss Jolene. Andrew typically takes a little while to warm up to 'new' people. However, he loved Miss Jolene immediately. He must remember hanging out with her last year. Last year, he fell asleep in her arms while visiting the courthouse.
We said our goodbyes at the courthouse and headed to a playground nearby. The boys weren't done running. The playground held little interest and Daddy had to chase down Wesley and Jared.
They did get a few minutes of playtime in before we headed out for lunch.
After a much needed nap, the boys watch as Grandpa feeds Lucy and Desi.
Grandpa and Jared working on a puzzle.

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