Friday, February 19, 2010

2nd Annual Trip to Texas - Day 6

Today we would pack up and hit the road for Grandma's house in Junction, TX. This is the shortest leg of our trip (5 hours), and once there we would stay put for almost a week!

The boys spent some time playing on the stairs for the last time before we loaded up to leave. Andrew looks down from the loft at Miss Heather's.
The boys pose for a group photo. Getting the boys to sit still for a group photo is not as easy as it was last year. With all of the excitement of Miss Heather's house, the boys did not want to sit still. This is the best picture we could get and Jared was already on the move. We liked the picture of the boys in this chair last year so we tried again...
Here is the picture we took last year in the same chair. They have gotten so big!
The boys are typically napping shortly after we hit the road. On this day, Andrew decided to skip his morning nap and save his nap until after lunch. This meant that one of the boys was awake during the entire ride. As such, Mommy never got a break on this leg of the trip. It's a good thing the bag of goodies still had some new items to keep the boys entertained. Mommy handed out some books to help pass the time.
Wesley is intently reading about Baby Ernie.
We stopped for lunch at McDonald's. This was our first stop with an actual Play Place. It was a large enclosed play area. It must be true that "everything is bigger in Texas." The boys were immediately drawn to the most interesting things in this Play Place. The item with the highest appeal, the trash cans.
We were mere seconds from setting off the door alarm.
And, the boys also played a little in the actual play area. Wesley and Andrew check out the tube.
The game consoles weren't on, but the controllers were neat. Lots of buttons! The boys also played with a little girl who was also eating with her Grandmother in the play area. She would run around and want the boys to chase her. Well, they were not too big on chasing this little lady. Silly boys!
Back in the truck, and Mommy handed out the clappers.
Nothing calms Daddy's nerves like three toddlers frantically clapping from the back seat!

In addition to Mommy's secret bag of toys, we usually get a good hour of travel when we play the boys' Musikgarten CD. Mommy helps lead the boys through the interactive songs. The following is a little video of the boys enjoying the 'Hands-a-Washin' song. (On behalf of Kellie, please ignore the singing and focus on the boys!)

Hooray! We made it to Grandma's in Junction, Texas! She had a room set up for the boys with all kinds of neat stuff. Andrew took to this recorder, but played the same note over and over.
Wesley liked playing the drum, and the fact that he could wear it. Jared tries out the drum. He didn't actually play it, but only wanted to wear it.

Here is a little video of the boys enjoying the instruments and Jared enjoying (or tearing up) one of the new books.

We were all very happy to reach our destination. It is going to be a great week spending time with family and visiting with friends in Junction.

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