Saturday, February 20, 2010

2nd Annual Trip to Texas - Day 7

Today is our first full day in Junction and it is time for the traditional Fish Fry! On this day, Grandpa cooked the fish and we enjoyed spending time with family. It was also warm enough for us to spend some time outside. Grandma and Grandpa have a stone steps and patio area that the boys just loved. They could spend hours climbing up and jumping down the stairs. It was amazing that we did not find ourselves in the Emergency Room for a tumble on the stones.
Uncle Bennett was undergoing radiation treatment and was unable to come within 10 feet of the boys. So, he had to visit with the boys from outside the fence. The boys waved and wished a big "get well soon!"
Andrew kept taking Grandpa's hat. This photo captured Jared's sweet quiet nature.
Wesley is very sensitive about textures and his initial reaction to a new texture is usually shock and he does not like it. It usually takes a few attempts before he is comfortable with a new texture. This picture caught him with his first encounter with the dry grass and did NOT like how the grass felt on his hands.
Andrew attempts to move a large rock. It didn't budge.
Wesley samples part of the acorn tree.
It has become increasingly more difficult to get all three boys in one shot.
Wesley sat next to Mommy and had the most serious look on his face...
...but couldn't hold it very long, and ended up laughing.
Andrew kept jumping off the steps. He landed on his feet most times.
Enough playing, it is time to eat! Wesley watches as Grandma brings in some fish just for them.
Jared enjoyed the local cuisine.
Andrew digs into catfish and "dip it"...aka ketchup.
After the boys had their lunch, Wes spends some time with Aunt Reba before their nap. They were both sharing a laugh as she was tickling his piggies...
While the boys napped, we were able to have our lunch. We sure love all of the good food here in Texas. We also enjoyed visiting with family while sharing such great food. Once the boys woke up from their nap, we were back outside to play some more. Andrew waves to Grandma.
Wesley is thinking about his next adventure in the yard.
Andrew's thoughts sound like this "Jump, jump, jump. "
We are definitely in Texas.
Extreme close-up of Jared, with Wesley in the background.
"I hear three men on horses approaching from the East"
Jared gets some wet doggy kisses from Dezi and Lucy.
Junction is in the Hill Country, as illustrated in this photo.
Wesley figures out his next adventure... checking out a hole in the ground. By this time, he was use to the grass!
After dinner on this night, Grandma offered the boys their very own pudding cups. We removed their shirts, just in case. Seriously, how much mess could this possibly make?
At home I would normally split one container of pudding between the three boys. Grandma spoils them by giving them each their own pudding.
Andrew got more on his face than in his mouth. He decided to share his with Wesley.
We had a great day visiting with family, playing outside and having some good food. Day 1 in Junction was a good time had by all.

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