Friday, February 26, 2010

2nd Annual Trip to Texas - Day 13

We spent the night at Miss Heather's house, then it was back on the road. The weather was getting bad with heavy rain and lightning, so we stopped at a McDonald's for lunch.

Daddy had been driving through some pretty bad weather. So, he needed to have some fun and relax as well. He climbed right into the play place. I think he exceeded the height limit but that didn't stop him! "Don't tap on the glass! You might scare the animals!"
Jared eating his burger. We hope this isn't one that he found in the ball pit.
Everyone had to check out the network of tubes.
On this day, Jared was down to only one stitch. We think he is playing with them at night. Luckily, it is the middle stitch and the wound did not re-open. We called the pediatrician and he said that if it is still closed, we should be ok. He has an appointment with the pediatrician when we get home to remove the last stitch... if it hangs in there until then.
Jared and Wesley watch as Daddy tries to get unstuck.
Best part of a Happy Meal? The toy.
As night fell around us, Mommy broke out the emergency bag. The boys were treated to a glow-stick sword and all of the other light up toys we had already played with during our trip. This was our first time in the car at night so these were perfect to keep the boys intrigued.
We must have looked like a rave party to passing motorists.
Wesley works on a box of Cheez-Its.
Another Dollar Tree treat to pacify the gang. This is just what Daddy needed after a long trip in the pouring down rain. Like Wes really needs something to amplify his voice?!?The boys were absolutely wonderful on the trip. The keys to our successful car riders were:
1) Separation so they each had their own space.
2) New toys to keep their attention when they would get restless.
3) Mommy or Grandma sitting in the back with the boys to play the role of "Entertainer" or "Dancing Monkey!"
4) Familiar music with which the boys could listen, sing and interact.
5) Stops every 2.5 or 3 hours.
While there were a few moments when the boys would express that they were unhappy with the length of their confinement in their seats, the majority of the moments were calm and peaceful. The following video is a couple minutes of our "Car Rave." The boys are playing with their light-up toys and then you can see how Andrew interacts by "jumping up and down" and "kickin' up his legs" to the song.
On this night, we arrived safely back in Houma, LA where we reconnected with Grandma. Tomorrow, we are packing up and heading home!!

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