Thursday, February 18, 2010

2nd Annual Trip to Texas - Day 5

On our fifth day of vacation, we planned a trip to a local indoor playground. Our group would include Team Darnell, Miss Heather and her son Declan, and Hunter who is one of the children that Heather babysits. Three adults and five toddlers, what could go wrong?

Andrew was in an affectionate mood this morning and passing out hugs. Hunter wasn't sure what to make of this.
It turns out that the playground moved to another town, so we went to Chic-fil-a instead.
All of the doors in our house have toddler locks. This door did not, so it was FUN!
Miss Heather's son Declan, looking quite dapper.
Andrew fell face-first into a chair during lunch, but was in good spirits despite getting banged-up.
Heather's daughter Cecilia joined in the fun back at the house.
Wesley doesn't like being man-handled by a girl.
Wesley and Andrew go tearing up the stairs.
Jared throws a tea party in Cecilia's room.
Jared had a good time in the "kitchen".
Wesley attempts to eat some plastic fruit.
Andrew shows the proper way to drink tea, with his pinky in air.
Opening and closing doors is fascinating to Andrew.
We had such a great time at Miss Heather's house. Mommy was really happy to spend some time with her good friend. They stayed up very late catching up.

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