Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2nd Annual Trip to Texas - Day 11

Day 11 of our vacation, and this would be the last full day we spend at Nana's before starting our journey home tomorrow morning. Yep, the boys also have a special name picked out for Grandma Peggy. From this point forward, she will always be known to us as Nana!

I've often said that in our house, you will never eat alone. As soon as the boys see you trying to eat something, they flock around you looking for a bite. They don't actually ask for a bite, but say "Om, om, om" which means put something in their mouth. Nana shared her breakfast with the boys. Andrew spent the morning wearing Nana's shoes.Andrew and Wesley chill in a rocking chair while watching Nick Jr.
Nana gave Mommy a foot massager. The boys took it for a test ride. Those toddler piggies really needed a massage.
Wesley puts his hand to his ear whenever he "hears" something. Is that Pop-pi coming home?
A group picture of all the boys. Gotta loves Daddy's face in this pic. Wait, where is it?
Later that morning we headed back to the West Bear Creek General Store.
Every item was tested for quality assurance.
Jared was starting to think that his name was "Don't touch" however, this section was one that he could touch. He enjoyed stacking and re stacking the dishes. They were not breakable so it was an approved activity!
Miss Donna gets a good-bye hug from Andrew.
Daddy and Jared pose under the reindeer that didn't make Santa's sleigh team.
We tried to take a family group photo and imagine Mommy's surprise to see a picture in while almost everyone in the picture has a pleasant look on their face. Almost 6 smiles!
Another first for Team Darnell! The boys jump around in the back of Grandpa's pickup.
Wesley got carried away, figuratively and literally.
Jared enjoys a few more bounces in the pickup bed.
We headed to Isaack's for dinner with friends and family. We are guessing that when this was built, other restaurants at the time didn't have air conditioning.
By this time on the trip, Jared was getting tired of all the new activities. When we entered the resturaunt, he was not a very happy camper. However, a few minutes of playing with Aunt Debbie and he was back to his cheery self.
Grandma, Andrew, and Grandpa.
Back at the house, the boys open gifts from Uncle Ricky and Aunt Debbie.
Everyone had fun playing with the superhero cars.
Wesley is checking out Uncle Ricky's boo-boo.
Aunt Debbie having fun with Wesley and Jared.
Aunt Debbie giving Jared a horsey ride.
Pretty soon everyone found a lap and we all gave horsey rides.
The boys absolutely loved playing with Aunt Debbie. The following is a little video of the Aunt Debbie tickling their funny bones. There was a lot of laughter in the house on this night. The horsey rides went on for the longest time. When Wes and Drew finally found horses of their own, they were insistent on the ride occurring just like Jared's horsey. Daddy was giving Wes a ride and he did not grab his arms the same way. Wes stopped and showed Daddy how to shake his arms. Too funny!
Another unsuccessful attempt at getting a group picture of all of the boys! This picture was taken just moments before the entire night took a unpleasant and unexpected turn.
The boys were minutes from heading to their beds when Jared stood up in the rocking chair and faced the back of the chair. The rocking chair tipped over and he caught his chin on the corner of another chair. We weren't able to get a bandage on it and took him to the ER. With children this small who are about to get stitches, they use a "papoose board" to help restrain a flailing toddler. As if that was not torture enough, Mommy and Daddy had to assist in the restraining. Mommy had to hold Jared's chest and Daddy held his head while the doctor applied three stitches to Jared's chin. This is a picture of the restraint.
Daddy gives a weary thumbs-up as he consoles Jared.
We were all exhausted at the end of this night. At least the hospital is only a minute from Nana's house and it was a small ER. As such, we were in and out in about an hour. Jared was so tired that he went right to sleep when we arrived home.

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