Thursday, February 25, 2010

2nd Annual Trip to Texas - Day 12

After our late-night trip to the ER, we were concerned that Jared would be in bad shape when waking up today. He "lost" a stitch during the night, probably just by playing with it. There were still two holding his chin closed, and it looked alright, so we pressed on.

In fact, Jared was his usual self in the morning. He found a diaper box to sit in while he looked out the back door.
We packed up the truck, said our good-byes, and hit the highway for Tomball. Mommy was able to get a photo of Jared's chin while he napped. We would often find him touching his fingers to his chin, playing with the stitches.
Jared seemed unaffected by last nights adventure. On the ride home, Mommy's 'Dollar Tree' bag of goodies still had some interesting discoveries. On this leg of the trip, we broke out the light up spinner things. The boys loved them.
Andrew was memorized.
And Wesley was hypnotized.
While we were sad to say good bye to Nana and Pop-pi, we are all glad to be on our way home. We have three days of driving ahead of us but it will not be too long before we are all in our own beds. Stop #1 on the way home is at Ms. Heather's house in Texas. When we arrived at Ms. Heather's she had a wonderful dinner ready for us and then she headed out to take Cecilia to soccer practice and trusted us with Declan. We had fun taking care of all of the boys and when it was bath time, we made room for one more in the tub. The boys had a great time and we got a glimpse into life with quads.

After all the kids were in bed, Heather started making dessert for us. She got us so excited about the cake, we all waited up until it was done. It was well worth the wait (even if it was midnight). Mommy and Ms. Heather stayed up talking late again. Mommy sure misses her dear friend Heather. It is great that we are able to visit her once a year but it is not like the daily lunches they use to have a few years ago. However, there are just some friendships that withstand time and distance.

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