Wednesday, February 10, 2010

One For You & One For Me

One for you....

One for me...

Jared has started attending Speech Therapy on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Monday, I escort him to his 'play date.' On Wednesday, Daddy is his escort and I get to stay home with Drew and Wes. While babysitting today (How does it feel to hear that Daddy? :-)), I gave the boys bowls and spoons to play with while I was trying to stay connected to the office. I know, I am a bad Mommy! However, with our vacation starting very soon, I have a lot to do to get things in order before I leave.

Andrew started this activity with trying to put the Funky Frog into his seat in the table. I helped him out by getting him the stool so he could 'feed' his friend. He fed the frog until he was full. Then, it was Wes' turn. Please notice Wes waiting patiently in the picture below... or is he giving me the evil eye demanding his turn??? I am not sure where this kid gets his fighting spirit?!?

When Wes took his turn feeding the Funky Frog, he alternated bites between the Frog and himself. One for you and one for me and one for you and one for me!

After the boys were done feeding the frog, they continued to play with their bowls. They ran around 'feeding' everything from toys to Murray (our Boxer) to me to each other. When offering Wes a bite, Andrew would say "bite" while putting the spoon in his mouth.

It was amazing to see how entertaining a bowl and a spoon can be!! Also, the boys started breathing on the spoon and trying to put it on their nose. Andrew was actually successful at hooking the spoon onto the tip of his nose. I have not asked Daddy but my suspicion is that they are learning this trick from their ring leader. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures of this trick.

It is a nice break in the day to spend an hour with the boys! Once this fun was over, I was back at work and sadly missed kissing the boys good night.

Take care,

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