Saturday, February 27, 2010

2nd Annual Trip to Texas - Day 14

The final day of our vacation!

Wesley and Andrew watch as Daddy loads up the truck. Leave enough room for Grandma! Cousin Bali helps Jared build a wall out of cardboard bricks. They would knock it down before it was finished. Aunt Sue meets Wes and Drew at the door. Daddy finally got everything, and everyone, loaded into the truck and we were bound for Tallahassee! We stopped at the same Burger King somewhere in Mississippi for lunch. Andrew found that running a coffee cup lid along the fence makes a neat noise.
Jared was so excited about being out of the truck! He was thrilled when he saw the area to just run. Then, terrible Mommy insisted that he needed to sit with the family during lunch before running around. He was not happy about this decision. He made it slightly unpleasant for the guests at Burger King. However, he eventually settled down and ate a little bit. Once we were done, we all proceeded outside and happy Jared returned! Back in the truck, we were treated to a one-note song by Andrew. Grandma accompanies Andrew with her megaphone. It was standing room only for the trip home. Wesley plays with Grandma. We are getting closer to the house! Andrew plays with a pinwheel. Instead of another pit-stop, we dug in and kept driving. Mommy pulled a final trick out of her emergency bag...more glowing rings! We stopped near the house to pick up some milk. Notice that we added another luggage bag to the top for our Mardi Gras loot. Daddy is ready to be out of the truck. Six days of driving was enough to do him in. Mommy is happy to be home. We were all very happy to be home! It was a wonderful trip! We saw family, reconnected with old friends and created everlasting memories as a family. We had an emergency DVD player. We only used it for about 2 hours out of the entire 40 hours of driving. These two hours were on the last legs of the trip and the entertainers were exhausted. The boys were actually not very interested in the DVD player and much preferred the music.

We look forward to our trip next year when Mardi Gras is actually on Daddy's birthday!!

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