Tuesday, May 12, 2009

13 Months Old...

Really?!?!? Are we actually in months that are after our 1st birthday?!?!?! I can not believe that we are already speeding ahead and leaving our 1st birthday in the dust...

Happy 13 months boys!! What are we doing these days? We are officially toddlers. There is not much left that keeps us connected to baby-ness. I think the only thing left that symbolizes baby-ness is Andrew's pacifier that he uses only in his crib... and the cribs.

Everyone is walking, we fully eat table food, we drink whole milk, we use sippy cups, we take one nap a day (12:30-3:30), we walk ourselves to bed and we are introducing discipline into our sweet and innocent little world.

The introduction of discipline has been the most challenging thing I have faced to date with the boys. Sleepless nights were ok and almost constant feedings were bearable.... disciplining them and looking at those sweet faces start to cry because of the tone of my voice... that hurts! Up until this point, our world was a "no" free zone. We set things up so that they did not have to hear "no" so much. Well, it is finally time to learn and I know they can start to understand. As such, we have intentionally left a few things "un-babyproofed" so that we can start to teach "no, don't touch."

To my little fellas.... your Daddy and I love you very much! We are charged with teaching your right and wrong. I know that these will be hard lessons for you to learn. Please know that it is hard for us to teach as well. We promise to be consistent so you know our expectations. No matter what happens, don't ever forget that we love you!

The boys are not really saying official words but they are definitely communicating and understanding. They know a few signs... all done, milk and more. They will respond appropriately if I say 'come here' or 'give me that.' They are also responding consistently to their own name. In addition, the boys are continuing to figure out their toys. They can stack up to 3-4 stacking blocks (like big legos), they are pros at the ball popper, they can stack the rings (correct order) and have started figuring out the big puzzles (sliding big wooden pieces into cut out spots. I truly enjoy watching their little minds work and I am amazed at their patience and persistence.

It's been a busy month and it really has passed in the blink of an eye. I guess it is about time that I stop saying that and just embrace that time is flying. With that said, I better run so I don't miss something...

Take care,

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