Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Cubby...

The boys have been using the play yard to assist with climbing so we decided that it was time to move the play yard. We were previously using the play yard to cover the fireplace and the built in shelves. Today, Mike emptied out the bottom two shelves and uncovered this area.

The boys loved having this new cubby for playing. A few times, the boys would climb in and try to stand up... getting stuck! It took them a little while to figure out that they need to climb out in order to stand up.

Here are a few pics from their new cubby...

We use these spaces to store their toys at the end of each day. However, who needs toys when you have fun hiding spots like this???

It is nice to slowly see the floor of the family room being reclaimed. Granted, the boys' toys are taking over the built-in but at least the floor space is coming back under our control. I should clarify, the floor is ours during the nighttime hours. During the daylight hours... the house belongs to the little people!

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  1. The house belongs to the little people. That is so funny. Like little munchkins in munchkin land! The boys are just so adorable. I just love reading about their adventures!

  2. Reading your blog is like deje vu (I have no idea how to spell that, but you get the idea!)


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