Friday, May 29, 2009

Ms. Thelma & Three Generations of Haircuts

The boys and I (Daddy had to work) headed down to Grandma & Grandpa Noller's house for the weekend to attend Pooka's (my Grandmother) 90th birthday party. We left late on Wednesday night so I could attend a meeting on Thursday. Grandma & Grandpa were gracious enough to babysit the boys while I attended my meeting.

On Friday, we took the boys to see Ms. Thelma for a very special hair cut. Ms. Thelma has been a member of our family for many years. Each week for the past 28 years, my mom has spent Friday morning with Ms. Thelma to get her hair done. When we were kids, Ms. Thelma also cut Lance and I's hair. Ms. Thelma also styled my hair for my first wedding in 1997. Well today, Ms. Thelma was able to put her special touch on the third generation of our family.

We rolled the boys into her salon and one by one they took their turn in her chair:

Wesley went first...
Andrew was second... Ms. Thelma joked that Andrew's hair was just like Grandma's hair... very fine! Everyone in the salon also stated over and over how much Andrew looks like Grandma - interesting but true.
And last but not least, Jared...
There was a lot of pressure on the boys during this visit. We had our appointment during nap time (1:30pm) and Grandma had been bragging about her boys. We knew that Grandma was counting on the boys to show everyone how well behaved they are. Well, they delivered! They were perfect little angels.

They felt very comfortable in a salon full of very nice Grandmas.

We thank you Ms. Thelma! We were now ready to go to Great-Grandma Pooka's party.

Take care,

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