Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chewie's Rude Awakening

Oh my goodness is all I can say.....

Let me set up this story with a little background information. Chewie is my beloved Yorkie that is 10 1/2 years old and lived a long 9 years as my one and only child. Since the boys have arrived, he has struggled with the adjustment for many reasons. These days, Chewie spends his day in the living room which is "baby" proofed because it is proofed from the babies. While Chewie has never bit anyone, it was just best because he started to growl and show his teeth when the boys would get close to him.

My daily routine is as follows:

I wake up when I hear the first baby noise come through the monitor. I get up, I get ready for the day, fill the sippys with milk, get my coffee and then get the boys up. I change their diapers, get them dressed and give them their morning sippy. We all drink our morning beverage of choice for a few minutes and then I prepare their breakfast. Once the boys are all secured in their table, I let the dogs out of their kennels so they can eat while we are eating (and they can clean up after the boys droppings). Once we are all done eating and before I take the boys out of the table, I pick up the dog food, let Chewie into the living room and close the gate.

A couple days ago, Mike temporarily moved the beds out of the girls room because we are going to paint the room in preparation for the boys' move into this room. The only things in there are the dogs kennels and a mound of pillows. We are letting the boys also play in this room during the day and I finally got the door stop wedged tight enough under the door that the boys can not remove it and close the door. Because the door was finally secured open, I decided to not close the door overnight.

Now the story....

This morning, the boys got up and were having their milk in the family room. The boys were occasionally heading down the hall to peak in on the dogs and then return. I started to make breakfast and then I heard it.... Wes started to cry out. Usually, if he falls or starts to cry, I can say "come here" and he will come running straight to me. He gets a quick hug and he is back on the prowl. Once I heard his cry, I said "come here" and the cry did not get closer. I immediately ran to the open room to find Wesley was stuck INSIDE of Chewie's kennel WITH Chewie. I remind you that Chewie is a Yorkie so this kennel is not very big.

I began to panic because I knew that Chewie must have bitten or scratched Wesley. Chewie was standing and shaking in the very back of the kennel and Wes was just inches from him. I removed Wes from the kennel and checked him for injuries and he did not even have a scratch on him. It appears he started to cry only because he was stuck because once he was out, he calmed right down. I took Chewie out of the kennel as well and his little heart was just racing faster than Wesley's or mine! Poor little Chewie, he was sleeping peacefully and then one of the babies that he is usually separated from is inches from his face from within his safe place.... his kennel.

Chewie, I am very proud of you this morning! I take full responsibility giving Wes the opportunity to crawl into your kennel. I promise to make better decisions in the future. I thank you for not hurting your baby brother as he crawled into your crib and abruptly woke you from your peaceful slumber. I underestimated your ability to maintain composure around the boys and for that I am sorry! You will get a few extra cookies today!

Take care,

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