Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What Goes Up; Must Come Down...

Yes Jared, gravity can hurt! I have mentioned before that the boys are learning to climb up but have not learned to climb down. We had our first, but not last, injury from falling.

Jared has been climbing onto the couches. It's only natural that once you conquer the couch, you start climbing onto the next closest object. This object is the glass end table. This is a "no-no" item. Earlier in the day, before correcting and redirecting, Daddy took a couple pictures of Jared climbing onto the table. Little did he know that these photos would be used to tell a story of an injury later in the day.

Here are pics of Jared climbing onto the end table...
I love the look of innocence on his face! After the pictures, he was redirected off of the table. Later in the day, Daddy was in the kitchen and looked up to see Jared completely on the table. As Daddy rushed to get him off the table, Jared backed up quickly and fell off the table catching his nose on the edge of the table. What a scare and poor little guy! It took him a while to recover from this fall but he has returned to normal but has quite the bruise on his nose.

Jared and Daddy were shaken from this fall. Maybe this will be enough to teach him not to climb on the table... ha, ha!

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  1. You should probably just go ahead and invest in crib tents now if you haven't already. ;)

  2. Once it starts it doesn't stop! Are first fall was 3 stitches (at 13 months old) to the lip and there have been about 4 more Doctors visits to make sure there heads were OK :)
    Also I think it's funny I do the same thing take a picture first of what they are doing wrong then take them down:)
    Your Boys are so Adorable!!!


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