Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ms. LaShawnda, here we come!

We decided to make our day trip to Orlando at the last minute and did not have time to tell any of our friends that we were on our way. As I was pulling out of the church after the service, I knew that I could not pass up the opportunity to visit Ms. LaShawnda since we were only minutes from her house. At the very last minute, I was able to reach Ms. LaShawnda and she was more than willing to have us all over before we left town.

We decided to stop at Ms. LaShawnda's to have dinner, clean up, play for a few minutes before we hit the road for our 4 hour drive home. The boys ate Burger King for lunch and McDonald's for dinner. Yes, it is not the healthy meals that we usually have at home but as I was alone with them, we took the easiest method possible, so it was Chicken Nugget day.

Here are the boys in their travel seats at Ms. LaShawnda's house ready to have their dinner....

After dinner, we changed our clothes and played for a little while. Here is Andrew blowing kisses with Ms. LaShawnda...

And then there is Jared the ultimate flirt....
I did not get a picture of Wesley with Ms. LaShawnda as he was way too busy tearing up everything he could get his hands on. I apologized before our arrival for anything we would break or damage. In the picture with Andrew, you can see a drum to the left of Andrew. This is a drum that Ms. LaShawnda got in Hawaii... it was in great condition before these boys got their hands on it and before we left the top was split in two pieces... I am so very sorry!!! You can also see the magazine pieces on the fireplace and floor behind Ms. LaShawnda in Jared's pictures. This was decoration courtesy of the Darnell boys. Her home was neat and clean when we arrived and I think we managed to touch and rearrange everything under the 4 foot line in the house.

After dinner, some play and some destruction, we loaded up for our drive home. The boys were great up until the last hour of the drive and then Andrew just wanted his bed. Daddy was so very nice to wait up for us as we pulled into the driveway around midnight. Daddy helped get the boys inside, jammied up and into bed. Daddy would have made the trip with us but he had to work.

Thank you Ms. LaShawnda for your hospitality and willingness to open up your home at a moments notice. We look forward to seeing you again very soon!

Take care,

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