Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jared is Walking! Finally have Video!

Jared was the first of the trio to sit unsupported, sit up unassisted, crawl, pull up and cruise. Once he achieved all of these firsts, he was satisfied! For about a month, he has been taking steps on his own but would only do this if I stood him up in front of me and encouraged him to walk forward. Mike and I tried to get some video of him taking his first steps but were unsuccessful because Jared has become obsessed with the camera. When we pull it out, he starts to cry because he wants the camera and we were unable to get some footage.

Well, Jared is starting to gain confidence and he is letting go of the furniture and taking steps on his own. This new confidence has allowed me to get some video of his steps.

Way to go Baby J!! It's official, we now have three walkers... woo hoo!

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