Saturday, May 9, 2009

Big Man & Imani

Today was a long hard day. Big Man (aka. Calvin) and Imani are two very special children (yes, I will always consider you both children no matter how old you are) in my life. Their father passed away on April 30th and the funeral was on Saturday. I originally was not planning to attend because I would be alone with the boys but when Big Man asked me to be there, I knew I needed to make the trip no matter how hard of a challenge this would be for us.

The boys and I woke up early this morning, had breakfast and headed off to Orlando for the day for the funeral. The trip from Tallahassee to Orlando is a 4 hour drive and we were going there and returning all in the same day. It was an emotional, long, hot and tiring day but the silver lining on the day was that I was able to visit with Big Man and Imani and they were able to meet the boys for the first time.

After the service, we headed over to their Dad's house to visit with family. It was so very nice to see everyone but I really wish the circumstances were very different. It was so nice to see the entire Liptrot family and so many boys (now grown men) from our basketball days. I am not sure the boys feet hit the ground for more than a couple minutes all day because if they were not in their car set or stroller, they were being held by everyone that was so very happy to meet them.

Before we were leaving, I tried to get a picture of the boys with Big Man and Imani. The boys were more interested in watching the cars drive by than looking at their mother with her camera....
Imani has an idea and grabs Andrew from Big Man...
There we go, at least we finally have all five faces....
The boys were great on the trip and a long trip like this in one day was a challenge. Once the day was over and we were on our way home, I was so glad that I was there to pay my respects to the family and to show my support to Big Man and Imani.

I look forward to the boys visiting with both Big Man and Imani under happier circumstances very soon. I love you both and Big Man, don't forget you promised to teach the boys to play basketball (even though their skills are already far superior to your skills... ha!).

Take care,

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