Friday, May 22, 2009

Brush-a Brush-a Brush-a... Brush the Baby's Teeth!

We have been brushing the boys' teeth/gums since Jared showed the first pearly white spec. We brush after breakfast at the table and before bed. We started using the little brush that fits on our finger so we could rub their teeth and gums. The boys have been wonderful by opening their mouths readily to have their teeth brushed and they even seem to like it (so far). A couple weeks ago, we switched over to a real baby toothbrush.

The title of this post is a silly little song that I have been singing to the boys when it is time to break out the tooth brush. I am not sure if it comes from somewhere but it makes them giggle so it stuck.

We recently started to give the boys spoons to hold when we are feeding them from a spoon. They are getting pretty good at getting the spoon into their mouths. This new found independence has spilled over to brushing our teeth. Jared was the first to resist opening his mouth for the brush. I decided to give him the brush and see what he could do. Well, he was pretty good. So, I have given in and the boys are now brushing their own teeth.

They are very funny because they get very excited when I move toward the drawer that has the toothbrushes. I put the toothpaste on the brush and hand them over to the boys. They are really chewing on the toothbrush but they will chew and chew and chew for several minutes. So it's official, the boys are now brushing their own teeth. Here are some pics from our first day of independent brushing:

Wesley showing off his fine brushing skills...

Wesley and Andrew are comparing notes on differing styles. Wesley grips at the end of the brush and Andrew close to the bristles.... different strokes for different folks...

Jared's style is even a little different. Please note the location of the bristles.... now, that doesn't work...

Don't worry, he recovered...

The boys will chew on the toothbrushes for about 20 minutes if I let them. After breakfast, I will say 'all done' and collect up the toothbrushes. At bedtime, they have started running from me so I will not take away their beloved toothbrushes. Don't worry, I win every time! I find it very hard to believe that my battle during tooth brushing time is getting them to stop. I am sure this will not last forever but I will relish the moment while it does. Brush on boys!

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  1. Haha! I think of song in Grease where the girls are having a sleep over and the buck toothed beaver looking girl is singing.

    What do I know? Love the pics!


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