Sunday, May 31, 2009


Yep, your eyes are seeing this correctly. My 1998 Ford Expedition has reached the 250,000 mile milestone!!

Old girl, we have been through a lot together! You have safely carried me around for the past 8 years. You have seen many different passengers but most importantly you have been there to carry around my new very precious cargo. While we have had a bumpy relationship at times and the kind folks at Tires Plus have rated us a VIP customers due to our frequent visits, you are still running and for that I am thankful!!

I know that I have not always been easy on you with my speed. I have also said some unkind things when I was a single woman driving you around, paying crazy amounts for gas on my ridiculous commute to work and making payments on you when I owed well more than you were worth. However, those days are behind us! I now need every inch of space you provide for our large family, gas prices a more reasonable, I live a couple minutes from the office and I have not had to make a car payment in almost two years. I have no idea when we will allow you to retire. I am confident you have much more life in you and we plan to enjoy our relationship until you convince us you can not go another mile.

Until that day, let's set our sites on 300k!!!

PS. Please do not worry about how this photo was taken but... please do not try this at home :-)

Take care,

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  1. You have no idea how excited this makes me! We just bought a 2000 Expedition that I love, love, LOVE and it already had 148,000 miles. Her name is Besie and I plan on driving her as long as she'll let me. Rock on Ford!


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