Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hat... Hat... Hat

Daddy was shopping and purchased one hat for us to try with the boys. When we tried the hat, Andrew and Wesley fell in love with it! Everyone wanted to wear the hat. They were grabbing off of each other's heads. I quickly called Daddy and said, "get two more hats, please."

Wesley is quite a hat wearer, he will wear the hat all day if able. Wesley also says something that is very close to "hat, hat, hat" when we are putting his hat on him. The "H" has a very heavy breathing sound and the "T" is a very strong sound. Here are a few pics of Wes in his "hat, hat, hat."

Jared is not too crazy about the hat so this is the only picture I was able to get of him. He had it on for a few seconds and then Wesley was ripping it off of his head.

Andrew also enjoys the hat but did not get much hat wearing time because of Wesley's hat dominance. Once we had two more hats, he finally had some time with a hat.

Daddy also purchased himself a hat that matches the boys. Wesley, loving hats, decided to wear Daddy's hat one day and Daddy took a little video. For all of my child welfare friends out there, before you watch this please know that he has the ability to take the hat off at any time and most importantly, no child was harmed in the filming of this clip... Andrew only cried for a second...

Funny, funny, funny! Now that we have hats and our new sand and water table, we are ready to take the boys outside to play.

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  1. I wish we could get our trio to wear hats! They always pull them off 2 seconds after we put them on their heads which is fun on walks. We end up spending half the walk bent over picking them up off the ground!


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