Friday, December 19, 2008

100th Post & A Trip to the Office

This is the 100th post to this blog!! I remember posting the very first time when we got home from our 6 week ultrasound. This seems like yesterday and now I am about to publish the 100th post. I have really enjoyed writing about the adventures of our family. I also enjoy learning that others find as much joy in reading about our "little" family. I am so happy that I have been doing this and recommend it to all new or experienced Moms! The days fly by so fast, I have appreciated having this blog as a way to refresh my memory of the early days (when I was living in a fog). I commit to continuing this blog for as long as I can so we can all have a way to remember the road we are traveling as a family :-)

Today was a fun and educational day for all of us. On Fridays, I work from home while taking care of the boys. I have the privledge of sending out our project's Holiday cards. I needed to send these out today since Christmas is right around the corner. They still needed a couple signatures so I needed to go to the office today to pick up the cards. This required us all to leave the safety of our home and venture out into the world. When the boys awoke up from their morning nap, we headed out to the office. Once at the office, the boys were able to spend time visiting with the folks at the office.

The boys were able to attend an impromptu discussion regarding Adoptions where they provided very valuable input to assist with the decision making. Andrew hung out with Ms. Maria, Wesley spent time with Ms. Amy and Ms. Danielle (pictured) and Jared was wrestling with Ms. Katie (pictured). Jared also played for a while with Ms. Vasi. Jared was having a blast destroying everything he could get his hands on... paper, laptop, leather folio, cords, just whatever. In the picture, you can see Jared in the final stages of demolishing the piece of paper. Ms. Katie was such a trooper holding onto him as he was grabbing at everything in front of her.

The boys were also able to show off their crawling skills. Everyone found Wesley's crawling style very amusing. He is crawling with his feet and not on his knees so it's more of a crab walk. It works for him and he moves around quite fast. Andrew really tried to crawl for the ladies but ended up resorting to his best weapon... the whimper! It worked; I picked him up after the ladies had a little chuckle as it was obvious this was a weapon of manipulation. It is a very powerful weapon!

Once we were done hanging out with the ladies, I loaded the boys up into their stroller to depart. They were all loaded up and I was planning to get them home before naptime at 2pm. It was quickly approaching 2pm. However, what happens when you get around the ladies at the office... lots of chatting! I ended up chatting in the hall with the boys hanging out in their stroller for close to an hour. The boys were obviously sleepy as demonstrated with yawns, heavy eyelids and eye rubbing. During this entire exchange, the boys just hung out checking out the people walking by and did not have a melt down. I was so proud of these little guys as people kept walking by saying how good they were!

When we got home, it was after 3pm, we had missed lunch (they had a small bottle before we left) and well into nap time. I put each boy down in their crib and they went right to sleep. As I started typing this, it was 5pm and Wesley was the only one awake. Andrew has since woken up but Jared is still in his nap (it's now 5:40pm). The educational part of the visit was that the boys can go out and remain on their best behavior even when we hit nap time. I may get wile and crazy and try to get my nails done tomorrow

I remember first bringing the boys to the office when they were 6 weeks old and I was so nervous about falling off schedule. I have continued to remain a little anxious each time we take them out if we are going to impact our schedule. I was anxious because I never really knew how they would act in public and how I would be able to respond to a full baby meltdown by myself. Today, I was not nervous and was relaxed during the entire visit. It was exciting to learn that I am no longer "afraid" of the pack of boys and how they will act in public if we fall off schedule. As each month passes and we do more outings with the boys, I love learning that we can do even more with them!

While this does not reduce my vigilant commitment to our schedule, it reinforces that we will be ok if we do not follow it perfectly. This affords us the opportunity to have some more new experiences! Stay tuned....

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