Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Goodbye Big Toys & Hello New Playroom

Today was a very bittersweet day. The boys have been spending much more time moving around on the floor strutting those new crawling and sitting up on their own skills. With standing right on the horizon, we felt it was time to retire the jumping toys. Daily, we have been laying out blankets for the boys to play on when they are on the floor. We have finally reached the point where the blankets, no matter how large, will not contain the boys.

Our new and improved family/play room is now fully covered with soft tiles allowing the boys to roam free (sort of). We have a portion of our play yard fence in front of the fireplace, diaper champ and lower shelf of the built-in wall unit. We also place our ottoman between the love seat and the pack-n-play creating a fully contained play room where the boys can roam.

The boys seem to like their new flooring and we find it much easier to clean up. The only tiny problem so far is that Jared seems to like the edge pieces. He finds them particularly tasty and they actually function as the best teethers we own!

The bitter part of the day was moving all of the jumperoos, excersaucer and swings to the garage. It is really hitting me how fast the boys are growing up. I started to tear up as Mike moved each of these pieces out of the living room. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were getting these items at our shower and he was putting them together. One of the jumperoos has already found a new home. Until we find new homes for all of the other toys, every time I walk into the "land where toys go to die" (aka - the garage), I am reminded of how far we have come in such a short time. These toys brought such joy to the boys and help to us as parents, it is sad to see them in their new holding cell.....

Dear toys,

We loved you! When we were alone with the boys, you were our extra arms! When the boys needed entertainment, you were there for us. You helped keep the boys amused, you helped teach the boys to jump and stand, you helped soothe them while we were feeding or bathing another brother, you helped put the boys to sleep and most of all.... you helped keep us sane! We will never forget your service to our team! I hope you each receive a new assignment and enjoy your new family.


Mama & Papa Darnell


  1. Please you have to tell me where you bought your flooring. I have been looking everywhere. I love the colors!!!

  2. I loved the letter. My guys are outgrowing all of the 'big toys' too, and I will be so excited to get 'some' of my family room back :-). By teh way, your guys are adorable!!!!! Jennifer (part of your BBB exchange group


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