Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning

There must be something programmed deep into the minds of children that signals it is Christmas morning. I am convinced the boys are not aware of the concept of Santa Claus or that he would be stopped by during the night to bring them gifts. However, they still woke up about 30 minutes earlier than they wake every other morning for the past five months!

As we woke, Mike and I dawned our Christmas jammies (I sure love this man) and got the boys up and dressed for a morning full of paper ripping, ribbon chewing and oh yes, some new toys. The boys had their morning "coffee"(aka. bottles) while Mommy and Daddy also chugged a mug of Grandma's finest brew. Once we were all awake and ready, we headed downstairs to attack the shiny packages under the tree. Grandma Sally woke up to experience our first Christmas morning.

The boys were able to open their packages from Santa, Grandma & Grandpa and finally open the gift from Aunt Laurie that they used for practice on Christmas eve. The boys were not quite sure what to do with the packages but continued to be impressed by the shiny bows and crinkly paper. Andrew and Wesley can be seen sporting a few of the bows. I love Wesley's "bow-hawk." From Santa, the boys received three Tonka trucks, a package with an FSU football, basketball and soccer ball and their big gift of the morning was a learn and play table.

The boys received Buccaneer sleepers and three very cute hooded towels. Andrew is seen modeling the frog version. We also received a duck and a lion towel. Aunt Laurie's gift was a trio of onesies that say "I Love New York" in Chinese characters. We can not wait to wear these!

Once we had opened all of our gifts, it was time to have breakfast. In order to protect the white tops of our special Christmas jammies, the boys ate breakfast showing off their chests! I don't normally strip the children to feed them but this was a special occasion. Since it was 80 degrees on Christmas here in Florida, this attire was most appropriate.

Once we concluded breakfast, the boys played for a little while before turning in for their morning nap. The boys needed their rest in order to enjoy the remainder of the Christmas day activities!

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