Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eating Breakfast with the Family

The last time we visited Grandma's house we used the boy's bouncy seats to eat breakfast and dinner. Now that the boys are eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and are weighing 22lbs, the bouncy seats were not a good option. At this point, Jared could probably roll over and crawl away with the bouncy seat strapped to his back.

I found a really good deal on wooden stackable high chairs that are found in restaurants. This was perfect for Grandma's house. We arrived late last night and Mike's first task was to assemble our new high chairs. His deadline was breakfast!!

He did a great job and the boys were able to join us for breakfast. It was nice to have the boys at the table with us. They were able to join in and have a few bites of the cinnamon roll (stix) that we were eating. They really seemed to like it but I am not really sure how much they actually ate. Their bibs have pockets and we were constantly pulling out pieces they had dropped into their pocket. When the meal was over, we also discovered that what did not land in their pocket probably fell all the way to the floor. What a mess but who could be upset with these faces...

I must also mention a "cute" little game that Grandma taught the boys. I mention this so we can all remember where they learned this when it is not so "cute" when they are about 2 or 3 years old. While the boys were waiting for me to prepare their actual breakfast, Grandma was encouraging each of them to smack the table while chanting... "we want breakfast, we want breakfast." Oh, what fun! So much for teaching proper table manners!

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