Monday, December 15, 2008

My Warm Welcome Home!

On Monday, I work from home for the majority of the day while taking care of the boys. It is exhausting but the boys are really good at keeping themselves entertained while I respond to e-mails, work on my laptop and attend meetings via telephone. At 3:30pm, Ms. Ilona arrives to take over the care of the boys so I can head to the office for a meeting that I need to attend in person. I arrive home between 6 & 7 pm.

When I arrived home tonight, I received the warmest welcome from the boys. I walked into the area of house that has their play area. When the boys saw me, they all smiled. I knelt down over the ottoman that blocks the exit to the room. Wesley immediately started moving in my direction. He had to maneuver over a boppy but he could not be stopped. He crawled over to where I was and got up on his knees to greet me. A couple seconds later, Jared was crawling to greet me. Andrew threw me his sweetest smile and then this turned to frustration when he saw Jared and Wesley getting all of the attention. I then proceeded to scoop up Andrew to receive his hugs and kisses!

I sure do love these little boys so much. This may sound like something so simple but it meant so much to me. To see those little faces light up and crawl for me was surreal and a true dream come true. I have been dreaming about being a mother for so long and some days I can't believe how lucky I am to be the mother of three wonderful AND healthy boys!

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  1. Isn't it wonderful when your children are so happy to see you!? I loved your story.
    How do I contact you via email? I'd love to chat with you more.... thanks for commenting on my latest post about the babies. I hope I can make it to at least 34 wks... I feel like I can, but the placenta is not cooperating. Email me... go to my site and you can. Thanks!


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