Sunday, December 21, 2008

Santa came early this year!

The boys' wish list this year included their big boy car seats. We were very hopeful that Santa would bring these for the boys because they have officially outgrown their infant carriers. Last night we weighed the boys. Jared and Andrew weigh 22lbs and Wesley (our peanut) weighs 20.5lbs. **On a side note, we are still baffled at how Andrew caught Jared in weight since Andrew still spits up SOOO much. The doctor has never been concerned about the spit up because he is gaining weight but I sure wish it would stop. ** Back to the story...

We are traveling to Grandma Sally & Grandpa Gary's for Christmas. We leave tomorrow and really needed these new car seats. Overnight, the best thing happened... Santa arrived and delivered their big present early!!! Thank you Santa!!!

I spent the morning checking out the car seat, perusing the 40 page instruction book and sizing the straps for the boys. When I brought the first seat into the boys' play area, Wesley and Jared were very interested in the seat. They were tugging on all of the straps and Wesley climbed into the seat to rub the fabric. Wesley loves checking out new fabrics and feeling different textures... watch out Project Runway! In the pictures, you can see the boys checking out the car seat and modeling it's comfy features. Thank you my Vannas!

Andrew did not care about the seat but was hanging out intently focused on trying to crawl. I am confident that he is saving up his first real crawls for Grandma Sally. The boys seem to do a lot of firsts when they are at Grandma's house. I think Andrew is keeping this skill suppressed so he can impress Grandma.

This picture of Andrew below is actually one of the rare shots that actually captures his very sweet smile. In most pictures, he over smiles or is shocked by the flash and his face is just not as cute in pictures as it is in person (note the group shot above). I think this picture actually captures the charming face I see everyday!

The boys are enjoying their big boy seats and are ready for their trip to Grandma's. Now all I have to do is finish the laundry, wrap the remainder of the presents, pack everything for the boys and pack for myself. Oh my, with all of this left to do, I better run.....

Take care,


PS. Santa - We will be at Grandma's so please deliver the other gifts for the Darnell boys at her house. They have been very good this year and brought so much joy to this family. They truly deserve so much. Thank you in advance!
Here are a few more pics in their seats....

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