Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poor Chewie

My dear Chewbacca has been trying very hard to adjust to the addition of the boys into our family. Chewie is now 10 years old and up until about 8 months ago, he had my undivided attention. Before the boys were born, I tried to explain to him what was coming but I don't think he wanted to believe it. Since they were born, he has kept his distance. At times he has shown some interest in the boys. However, he has not warmed up to the boys. Lately, he has started to become nervous around the boys. This nervous behavior also makes me nervous. He has recently taken a couple of the boys' toys and destroyed them. Here is a picture of him with one of his recent acquisitions....

Mike took some recent video of the boys crawling around. I think this video will help us all understand why Chewie is getting nervous around the boys.

I truly hope he warms up to the boys very soon. I am sure they will be great friends with him in the future but it may take a little while to get there. Hang on little buddy!!

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