Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bad Blogger to Mad Blogger

I have been really busy over the past month and I had fallen significantly behind in my blogging duties. Over the past several days and nights, I have turned from a bad blogger into a mad blogger! I have created 23 new posts that include many videos and a whole lot of pictures! In addition to the posts, I have also given the blog a face lift. I hope you like the new layout.

Since I have added so many posts over the past few days, they do not all display on the first page of the blog. To help any readers catch up on our activities, I have included the link to the post in this post. If you click on the name of the post, it will take you to the post I have added over the weekend. We have experienced many firsts, turned 7 months old, took our professional photos, started sitting and crawling, met Santa Claus, had Thanksgiving, got two new teeth and had an ultrasound. It's been a busy month and the boys have grown so much over the past month that I hope you enjoy catching up on how we are doing.

October 24 – Average Day...

October 25 – When Jared Speaks...

November 3 – Ms. Hilary's Visit

November 8 – A Dog & His Boy(s)

November 10 – Grandma Sally is Here to Help

November 12 – 7 Months Old & Our 6 Month Professional Photos

November 13 – Jared's Ultrasound

November 14 – Early Signs of Crawling

November 20 – Baby & Daddy's Feet

November 21 – Breakout the Toothbrush!

November 23 – Huh what... I'm Awake

November 26 – It's Christmas Time & Time for Another Group Pic

November 26 – Playing with the "Cats"

November 26 – Our First Cookies

November 26 – Our First Pictures with Santa & Mrs. Claus

November 27 – Bathing in the Sink

November 27 – Happy Thanksgiving!!

November 28 – Baby Magnetism

November 28 – Our First Puffs

November 28 – Teeth Progress

November 29 – Just a Bunch of Pics...

November 30 – Let the Games Begin!

December 1 – Our Workouts

I hope that I will not get this far behind on posting again. I hope everyone is doing well and are getting ready for a wonderful holiday season!

Take care,


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