Monday, December 8, 2008

Mr. Tracy & Ms. Debbie's Visit

We had a wonderful weekend spending time with Ms. Debbie and Mr. Tracy! Since my pregnancy, this dynamic duo has been a wonderful support to us. This duo traveled to Tally during my pregnancy to paint the nursery and also threw my baby shower in Brevard. We were so happy to finally have them over since the boys were born to spend time with the boys. Tracy had previously met the boys but it was great to have him here for the weekend to really get to know the boys.

It was wonderful to see Mr. Tracy and Andrew together again. Ms. Debbie was terrific getting right down to the business of playing with the babies and Murray. How could she ignore Murray when he was right in her face? Murray loves it when people come to visit because he thinks they are there to see him.

The duo arrived on Friday and jumped right in to the boy's routine which started with dinner. When I extended the offer for someone to feed the boys, Tracy agreed. The boys are usually very patient while eating but I think Wesley realized there was a "new guy" trying to take on the task of controlling to spoon. Wesley tried to help Mr. Tracy out by helping himself to the food in the bowl and "cheering" him on so he would move a little faster. This made Mr. Tracy a little nervous a first but he caught on and did a great job.

Mr. Tracy and Ms. Debbie also helped out with getting the boys ready for bed by changing their diapers, giving them their evening rubdown putting on their jammies. It is always nice to have some extra help to get the boys ready for bed. The boys also enjoy having visitors because they get to cuddle while taking their last bottle of the night. Usually they are cuddled by their boppys. Once the boys were in bed, the adults had time to visit and eat Ms. Debbie's WONDERFUL cupcakes!!! Oh the cupcakes.... my mouth is watering just writing about them. It was a sad moment when they were all gone. This photo does not do them justice but it was hard to eat just one.... right Tracy?

The next morning, the boys were awake bright and early at 7:30am. Ms. Debbie
was up and ready to give the boys their breakfast. The boys then played before their morning nap. As we recently moved the boys' jumperoos to the garage, they are now left with no jumperoos. Wesley does not seem to understand that the jumperoos are gone. Whenever Ms. Debbie would hold him, he would immediately start jumping, and jumping, an jumping!

The boys woke up and it was lunch time. I left the house to get lunch for everyone and Ms. Debbie and Mr. Tracy were left alone with the boys. The boys must have worn them out because when it was time for the afternoon nap Ms. Debbie and Mr. Tracy also took full advantage of nap time. It was a good thing that they took a nap because when the boys woke up, it was time to head out to dinner! I have already posted the details of this outing in a different post.

I have already posted the details of this outing in a different post. After the boys were put to bed, we all watched the movie "The Notebook".... pass the tissues! Mike did not join us for dinner or the movie has he was finishing up the Christmas lights. He really wanted to watch "The Notebook" but he made the sacrifice and allowed us to go ahead without him (read with sarcastic tone).

On Sunday, the boys played for the final time with our guests and when the boys went down for their morning nap, they said their good-byes to their new friends. We had so much fun and we hope to see you again very soon!

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  1. Of course you had to take a picture of the ugliest cupcake.


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