Friday, December 12, 2008

8 Months Old!!

Or... 2/3 of a year... and we are on the move!

Jared and Wesley are crawling like crazy. The each have a different style but it works for them. Jared crawls on his hands and knees like a traditional crawl. Wesley likes to push with his feet so it is more of a crab walk. For several weeks, Andrew has been rocking and moving in reverse. This morning, Andrew finally started making some forward progress. The motivation... again... a bottle! Here is a little video of his movement. Please note Jared trying to show-off in the end by rushing in to grab the bottle. When he could not get anything out of it (because he was biting on the wrong end), he gave it back to Andrew....

Jared and Wesley can get into the sitting position on their own. Putting them in their cribs is now takes on a new approach. Previously, we use to have to put them down on their tummies to help them get into position to fall asleep (yes, they have been tummy sleepers). Now, it does not matter which way we put them down, they are immediately sitting up. Jared and Wesley will immediately crawl to the area of their cribs that are next to each other and they will sit up and "talk." Andrew is still our sleeper boy! He is put in his crib, given his pacifier and his head hits the mattress ready to sleep.

Jared and Wesley can pull up onto their knees and Jared is even pulling one leg up underneath him. The sitting up on their own, crawling and pulling up has all started within the past couple weeks. It seems like everyday they are doing something different right now. While Andrew is not moving around yet, he is only a couple weeks behind the other guys.
The boys take a morning nap and an afternoon nap. They are starting to play for a while before they fall asleep in the morning so we may start moving back the start time of this nap.

We have introduced a solid meal for lunch and are taking a few ounces of formula to wash down lunch. We have tried the sippy cups on a few occasions but ugh.... the bottles are so easy! I know they will need to move to cups one day but why ruin a good thing.

We spend our day roaming around the new play area playing with rattles, a move and crawl ball, an activity cube thing and a bunch of other small toys. We are looking forward to Christmas so we can get some new toys. We are all (Mommy & Daddy included) bored with the current basket of toys.

The boys are quickly growing out of their 9 month clothes and are starting to wear 12 month clothes. Someone forgot to tell these boys that they were premature. The boys are wearing size 4 diapers.

We still don't have anything that seems to be the start of words, just a bunch of noises. Andrew is actually starting to make sounds that could sound like more than one syllable. He will probably be the first to talk so he can say "bring me that Jared" or "get off me Wesley."

The teeth count is still 2 with Jared's two lower teeth.

It has been a great month with our trip to Grandma & Grandpa's for Thanksgiving, meeting Santa, having Ms. Debbie & Mr. Tracy's visit, starting to crawl and eating out at Applebees!

We are looking forward to a great Christmas with family and a wonderful new year!

Take care,


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