Saturday, December 13, 2008

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!

The boys' first Christmas is quickly approaching! In order to purchase our first Christmas tree as a family, I headed home one day for lunch and we bundled up the boys to visit the closest place selling Christmas trees. Mike wanted to go to the Home Depot but in the interest of time, we stopped at the first location. Because it was cold (Florida cold) on this day, we dressed the boys in sweatshirts and pants. These were the warmest outfits we have and they are 12 months. I was worried they would not fit because the boys are only 7 months old. Well, I was wrong. They fit perfectly!

We arrived at the Christmas tree "farm" and started shopping for our first tree as a family. After several minutes of shopping, we found our tree. While we were paying for the tree, the nice helper guy was securing the tree to the top of the truck. As previously mentioned, the tree "farm" was the closest one to the house and we were only about a mile from the house. We loaded the boys back in the truck and were ready to call this outing a success.

Well.... can anything be easy????? NO!!!

We pulled out into the road and were heading to the house. After about a minute on the road, Mike and I both hear a noise that sounded like scraping. Mike turns to me and says, "was that the tree." I say, "I think so." I start looking in the side mirror and a few seconds later I see it. Our tree was tumbling in the road and cars and swerving to miss our tree! I say loudly... "our tree." Mike was very calm and says, "yes, I see it." He calmly proceeds to the next light so he can turn around. The woman that needed to do the most to avert the tree-tastrophe pulls up next to us at the light. I try to get her attention to wave and mouth "I'm Sorry." She stares straight ahead and refused to make eye contact (Merry Christmas to you to stranger lady).

We turn around and pull over to remove our tree from the roadway. Mike jumps out and pulls the tree toward the truck and opens the back of the truck. He shoves the tree trunk first into the back of the truck and then uses the remaining string to secure the tree into the back. The boys remained calm during this exchange but I wonder what they were thinking as that trunk came closer to them in their seats. I composed myself once Mike was putting the tree in the truck and felt it important to take pictures thinking this must make the blog! Once Mike got back in the truck he asked if I wanted him to put it back in the street since I did not get a picture. I thought about it for a second and then realized he was just joking (ha, ha). I then ask him if the tree looked ok after it's tumble in the street, his reply.... "it's a tree."

We put the tree up and then it took another week for us to get it fully decorated. It was a long journey to where you are now Christmas tree but this is the perfect tree to symbolize the journey of our family!

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  1. What a beautiful tree! I miss the smell of a real tree this year....


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