Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Workouts

The boys have been working very hard in order to achieve their milestones. Jared and Wesley are crawling and are actually sitting up all on their own. It is very cute to go into their nursery to get them up after a nap or in the morning and they are sitting up smiling at you. Andrew is working very hard and is currently very adept at moving in reverse. I am sure that any day now he will decide to kick it into drive and he will also be crawling. What are the boys doing to reach these milestone you ask? Well everyday, the boys do their baby calisthenics. Here is an introduction to part of their workout routine.

The boys are frequently seen doing their push-ups. Here is Andrew showing off the perfect form....

They are also seen doing the upside down crab walk. Wesley demonstrates the ability to do a back bend with your head and then push yourself backwards with your legs. This can also be done with a finger puppet in your mouth (only for the professionals - do not try this at home).

But before you start your workout, you must always stretch. Jared will now lead you through a series of baby stretches.

First, stretch your hamstring from the hurdler position.

Step two, spread your legs and bend down and touch the floor.

Once you feel loose, you can move onto the final stretch move. BUT before you try this, make sure you are ready.... it's the full split....

We recommend these excercises daily and before too long, you too will be crawling like a star!!

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