Saturday, February 7, 2009

Chug, chug, chug....

For the past week, we have been giving the boys sippy cups to practice drinking. This activity usually feels like a game of whac-a-mole in which you are trying to move up an down the row catching cups before they hit the floor. The boys did not understand how to get the liquid out of this mystery cup. They are great at holding their own bottles but they are able to drink from the bottle while laying back on their boppys with the assistance of gravity.

Drinking while sitting up has been a challenge. Today, as if the light bulb went off, Wesley got "it." He was firmly holding the sippy cup and learned to tip it up to get the liquid out of the spout. Once he got "it," he got "IT." He turned into a frat boy chugging down his drink! He did not just tip it enough to get the drink, he went to a straight up position to get maximum flow. He would then take a few sips and slam the cup down on the table and exhale with an "ahhhh" sound.

Jared is on the verge of getting it and Andrew.... well, he prefers to be served. Andrew is no surprise because he has always preferred special service over self service.

I thought these kids were already the funniest people I had ever met but everyday they grow funnier and funnier!

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