Monday, February 9, 2009

We will miss you Ms. Ilona.... hurry back!

When the boys were 13 weeks old, I returned to work. I work from home for part of the day on Monday. On Monday afternoon, I leave to attend a meeting at the office. While I am at the office, Ms. Ilona takes care of the boys. Ms. Ilona has been taking care of the boys for 7 months now. She is currently at school at the great Florida State University and is going to take a little break to focus on her studies. Today was our last day with Ms. Ilona for a little while.

I remember meeting Ms. Ilona for the first time. When she arrived, the boys were just waking from a nap and my first words as she walked into the door were "you ready... jump right in." I walked her to the nursery and she picked up Jared and dove in head first. She spent that first day with me getting to know the boys and our routine. Since then, she has been with the boys every Monday afternoon and has been terrific with the boys. Ms. Ilona impresses me so much with her patience, enthusiasm and excitement about spending time with the boys. I never once saw her nervous or show fear of taking care of triplets. I have always been totally secure leaving the boys wiht Ms. Ilona. Each time I arrive home, she still has a smile, the boys are happily playing and she always reports the boys were great!

I took a few pictures today of the boys with Ms. Ilona. The boys have all started to smile big cheesy smiles when they see the camera. Every time I pointed the camera at the boys, they just lit up. I don't understand how I did not capture those smiles in the pictures. Oh well!!

Here are a couple more photos that we took today of Wesley on his get away....

While we said good-bye to Ms. Ilona, we also met Ms. Lindsay today. Ms. Lindsay is a temporary sitter that will hang out with the boys while Ms. Ilona is away. It will be great to have a second sitter with Seminole Sitters that know the boys but we will miss Ms. Ilona... hurry back! We thank you for taking such good care of our family.

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  1. Hey Space Cadet....That is soo funny you went to space camp. I went to the one in Huntsville and I was "payload specialist 2" on our simulation mission. We crashed and died. It was really a neat experience..Remember eating at the "launch pad" Small world huh....



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