Thursday, February 12, 2009

We passed the $500.00 mark!

We established the "Our Memorabilia" site to post and sell the baby items that we are no longer using and are ready to find another family! As of a few minutes ago, we finalized a purchase that allowed us to break the $500 mark!

We are saving the money made from the sale of our items to purchase the boys a really great swing set. I am really surprised at how fast many of the items have sold. I have a continuous sting of e-mails from families interested in some of our items. Even more than how fast the items are selling, I continue to be overwhelmed by the generosity of those that are buying some of our items. Once I know the items someone is purchasing, I will send the total which includes shipping. On multiple occasions, the payment that is received exceeds the total I sent.

People that have never met us are giving us additional gifts as they purchase from our "store" in order to help buy the boys a swing set. These additional gifts are NOT expected and I am blown away each time it happens. We thank everyone that has taken the time to look through our items and purchase a few things. I hope these items bring as much joy to their new families as they have brought us!

Thank you to all of the Team Darnell Memorabilia shoppers! We are over half way to acheiving our goal!

If you are interested in "shopping," please click on the picture of the clothing in the upper right had corner of this blog.

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