Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 5 - The West Bear Creek General Store!

We made, we made it, we made it to Junction, Tx!!! Our first day in Junction was planned full of visits and meeting family and friends that have been supporting our "little" family since we found out we were expecting triplets. Our blog has some loyal followers in Junction and it was time for the boys to meet their "fans."

The boys' morning nap started at 10:30am and we wanted to get two visits completed before the boys melted down at nap time. The first stop was the West Bear Creek General Store. We arrived at the store bright and early in the morning and the boys were greeted by many friendly faces! Here are some pictures from our visit at the store....

Grandma Peggy and Andrew. Andrew is sporting a mighty fine cowboy hat! He was working on saying "howdy mam" with a slight tip of the hat.

Jared with Ms. Laura. Jared took his turn with the cowboy hat.
Grandma Peggy and Andrew. Andrew had to try on every hat in the store trying to find the "right fit." This was a Texas Tech hat. Surprisingly, this was not the "right one." (Don't worry Andrew, you can wear a Texas Tech hat and shirt but we know your blood still runs Garnet and Gold... Go Noles!)
One more attempt for Andrew... below he is pictured with Grandpa Dooker. It was nice of Grandpa to offer the hat right off of his head to help Andrew in his search.
Here is Jared with Grandpa Dooker. Jared was not as interested in the hats as Andrew. Jared was more concerned with charming all of the lovely ladies at the store.
Grandpa had to pass Jared on so he could flirt with Ms. Karen. He was showing off some of his strong standing skills. He was also starting to work on a couple new teeth so he was really chewing on that finger.
Below you can see Jared being the charmer and cuddling with Ms. Linda. The boys were a little tired from their long journey to junction and late night playing with Grandma. Even though they were tired, they still had enough energy to meet their Junction family that has been following them since before they were born.
Don't worry, Wesley was at the General Store as well. He was hanging out with Dad during the visit. We tried to put a cowboy hat on Wesley and he was only concerned with feeling the texture of the hat. Knowing that Wesley likes to feel different textures, Daddy decided to let him take a rub on this big fella hanging on the wall.

We did not end up getting a hat for Andrew but we did leave with three Texas Tech camouflage shirts that were a gift from Ms. Linda (THANK YOU!). They are great shirts and will definitely help us remember our all too short visit to the store. Before we left, we were shown several blog posts that were stacked up by the register. The group at the store follow our blog and print out the posts for visitors to see. We felt like little stars!

Don't worry, this will not be our last trip to Junction. Next time we are there, the boys will be able to run around the store and we will pick out our gifts based on what they break. You will hear smash and I will reply, we will take one of those!

We enjoyed meeting everyone and we look forward to seeing you again in the near future!

Take care,

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