Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 2 (part b) - Cousins a Plenty & a Couple of Aunts

Our layover in Houma was a great opportunity for the boys to meet some family members that have been eagerly awaiting this day. Aunt Sue and Aunt Connie are avid followers of the Three Little Eskimos. Aunt Sue actually gave the boys this nickname when I first found out I was pregnant with the boys. This nickname was earned because the boys were frozen for four months while still embryos. They sure have thawed out well (if I do say so myself).

In addition to Aunt Connie and Aunt Sue, the boys were able to meet a few of our cousins. I was not able to get pictures of everyone the boys met but in these pictures, you can see Andrew with Lindsey, Wesley with Emily (alone), Wesley with Emily, Bali and Taylor and then Jared with Taylor (alone).

In addition to these pics, the boys were also able to spend time with cousins, Kathy & Mugsey, Lori, Lisa and their children. Cousins David and Maureen also stopped by with Allison's little one Maggie. She is a couple weeks older than the boys. You can see that they boys were more interested in exploring what they could get into than visiting with their pretty little cousin. I had already told them not to get interested in any girls they meet at this stop because they are probably related to them (seems like we are related to everyone). This must have been why I could only get pictures of them crawling away from Miss Maggie.

The boys enjoyed crawling around and getting into everything. The living room is carpeted and as you move into the kitchen, the floor is smooth. When we first arrived, the boys were wearing their sleepers. As Wesley tried to crawl on the smooth floor, his knees were slipping. He fixed his crawling method quickly so he could move around. He started crawling on his hands and feet with butt straight up in the air when he would hit the smooth floor. After the picture to the left was taken, David put Wesley down on the floor and he struck this crawling pose and David stated that since he was in Louisiana, he was appropriately crawling like a crayfish!

Taylor was a great cousin and great source of entertainment for the boys. When the boys would wake in the morning, he would go into the room to keep them company while they were finishing their morning bottles. He also played with the boys quite a bit. One priceless moment during our stay was when Taylor came rushing over to his Mimi (Aunt Sue) and with a very concerned tone he said... "Mimi, Wesley's mouth is leaking!" It was one of those - Kids say the darnedest thing - moments.

This became the funny phrase of the trip that even followed us to Texas because the boys "leak" quite a bit. We were teething during the trip because when we arrived in Texas, Wesley had his second bottom tooth and Jared started to show two new teeth on top. This would put our tooth total to 8; Jared with 6, Wesley with 2 and Andrew in NO HURRY!

Day 2 of our trip was a very full day with Mardi Gras and visiting with many family members. Rest up boys, we are back on the road tomorrow!

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