Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 1 - Hitting the Road!!

In December, Mike and I were driving home from Grandma Sally's and the boys were really great on the trip home. We started to discuss the possibility of taking the boys to visit Grandma Peggy in Junction, TX. What started as a discussion on this day is finally here! We are all ready to hit the open road for our first real family road trip.

The drive time to Junction from Tallahassee is about 18 hours so we decided to break the trip over a few days. Luckily, we have family and friends perfectly spaced so we can break up our trip for our sanity and visit with some very important people that had not had an opportunity to meet the boys. Our first leg would be from Tallahassee to Houma, LA where we would stop to visit Aunt Connie, Aunt Sue and many many more relatives. Once we left Houma, we would drive to Houston, TX to stay the night with my good friend Heather and her family. After this stop, we would finish our trek to Junction, TX.

Tonight was the first night of the trip. We left once Mike got off work and we were able to get all of us packed into the truck. Since we were traveling at night, we gave the boys their baths and their bedtime bottles and then loaded them into their carseats. We have them their blankets and Curious George dolls and we were ready to go! It was about 6:45pm when we pulled out of the driveway and we did not look back!

The boys slept during most of the trip but were very excited to arrive in Houma (as was I). This portion of the trip was difficult because it was so late and I was eager to arrive at our first destination.

When we arrived, Aunt Connie and Aunt Sue were excited to finally meet the Three Little Eskimos. The boys were a little groggy when we arrived but quickly loosened up and started exploring!! Aunt Sue compared the boys crawling around to someone opening up a jar of rolly poly bugs. They played with the boys for about an hour before we finally put everyone to bed.

Aunt Connie was very generous to give us her room so we could set up all three of the Pack n Plays and have room to sleep. Wesley did not realize that we were all supposed to go back to sleep. He layed down for a few minutes and then was up wanting to play some more. Typically, if we are home, when they wake during the night, they fuss for about 10 secs and then lay back down. Well, this was new and Wesley was now a couple feet from my face and he knew it! He was standing in his Pack n Play starring at me like..... "I see you!" I rolled over and this worked once but about an hour later, he was up again. He and I were finally able to work it out and we were able to get some sleep.

It was important for us to get some sleep because Day 2 was a big day.... MARDI GRAS!!!

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