Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 3 - Departing Houma for Houston

After a good night sleep for all, we were up and ready for day 3 of our trip. Our stay in Houma was a lot of fun and way to short but our final destination was still two days away so we needed to get back on the road. The boys woke up and played a little while before they had breakfast. On our trip out to Texas, we used our triple decker stroller to feed the boys. In this pic, you can see Emily feeding the boys in their stroller. Aunt Sue is using a Mardi Gras mask to entertain the boys. With the mask and singing, I was a little worried that she was casting some kind of Voodoo spell on the boys but they seem to still be ok... for now...

The boys piled up on each of their Aunts to take a couple pictures before we hit the open road. Here is Aunt Connie holding onto the trio. This trick is not as easy as it use to be. While I think Aunt Connie looks just lovely, I am supposed to inform the readers that her curling iron was broken which is why her hair has the appearance as seen in this picture....

Then the boys jumped on Aunt Sue for the same photo. They all look like they are singing in unison but I think they are all screaming CHEESE. Again, I have been instructed to explain the appearance of Aunt Sue in this photo. As this picture was taken the morning after Mardi Gras, Aunt Sue had spent the prior evening partying the night away until moment that Rex and Comus met up! We were lucky that she was even able to get up to see us off after such a wild night of partying! (Aunt Sue - did I get that right?)

Once we (I mean Mike) loaded up the truck, we passed out our good-byes and strapped the boys in for the next leg of the trip.

On this day, we were driving from Houma to Houston. During this trip, the boys experienced their first fast food restaurant. We stopped at a Wendy's to eat lunch. Mike ran in to determine if they had three high chairs. He saw two and was told by the staff that they had a third so we unpacked the boys and headed inside. When we got inside, they brought us a wooden booster seat with no straps.... what were we going to do with that??? So, we took turns holding baby #3, while we fed them and ate our lunch. While we were there, we could not resist sharing some of our meal with the boys. Mark this day as the beginning of the end... the boys had french fries and a little of Daddy's burger. Gone are the days where everything that entered their bodies had some nutritional value.

Welcome to the dark side boys!!!

Take care,

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