Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 5 (part c) - Hanging out at Grandma's House

After our morning of fun, the boys rested up during their nap. During their nap, Grandma Peggy ran out to get some great Texas BBQ for lunch... yummy!!! This was the beginning of great few days of food. (Boys, I am sorry that you were still eating baby food during the visit... oh, the food was sooooo good!)

The boys woke up from their nap and were enjoying playing in and exploring their new space. Wesley walked up to the baby gate that was used to block off the kitchen and the first thing he tried to do was climb it. Every place is always more interesting when you know you are not supposed to be there!

In addition to the BBQ, we also had shakes that afternoon once the boys were awake. During this trip, the boys learned that if they stand by someone that is eating something, they will get to taste whatever that person is eating. We left with nice little boys and we picked up some little beggars along the way. However, they are so cute, how can you resist? Wesley even became a little aggressive with his begging and we joked that we picked up a "Ragin' Cajun" during our stay in Louisiana.

The boys did not have to beg for all of their food during the trip. Grandma Peggy had three travel booster seats for the boys. They were great! The base of the seat is inflatable and will deflate to fold up. They were perfect for the boys. While we were at Grandma's, the boys also got a little spoiled because they were use to being fed by one person moving up and down the row. For each feeding at Grandma's we would team up to feed them with two spoons. In the picture to the right, you can see Daddy and Grandma Peggy feeding the boys.

The boys enjoyed playing at Grandma Peggy's. She had some new toys for them when we arrived. There was a turtle with different shapes that fit into the shell, a ball that rolls and plays music and a cone that has different shaped rings that stack on the cone. (THANK YOU GRANDMA PEGGY!) The boys love their new toys. In addition to the new toys, we brought our toy box with the "old faithful" toys..... just in case.

Aunt Debbie stopped by to visit this afternoon. She brought the boys a Learn & Play table and three little trains (THANK YOU AUNT DEBBIE!). The boys love the Learn & Play table but they also loved playing with the boys (go figure). In the picture to the right, you can see Jared standing on top of the box. This was cute for a few minutes until he decided to dismount the box without the grace we had hoped for. He fell off the box but was quickly back on his feet.

Aunt Reba and Uncle Bob also visited this afternoon and brought the boys the cookie cake at the top of this post..... YUMMY (THANK YOU!!)!! The boys went back down for their afternoon nap as they needed to rest for the big evening.... dinner out on the town.

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