Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 3 (part c) - Ms. Heather's House!

We finally arrived at our second destination in Tomball, TX!

Ms. Heather is my good friend that moved to Texas a few years ago. When the boys were initially born, Heather had her plane ticket and was ready to come and help man the crib. The day before her departure, her son Declan had an ear infection and she was unable to travel. I was so happy to visit with Heather, introduce her to the boys and to meet Declan.

We arrived around dinner time and the boys were warmly welcomed by Ms. Heather and her sister, Kristen. The boys quickly adjusted to another home. With three new babies descending onto the home, Declan was a little overwhelmed and began protecting his toys... very funny! Ms. Heather was also a little overwhelmed with three babies at the same time as she continued to repeat their names as she was trying to match names to faces.

The boys are use to having to be their own self advocates. This basically means they are able to take what they want. We fed the boys dinner, again in the triple decker. While we had dinner, Ms. Heather's oldest son Dominic played with the boys, for the low price of $1. I wish we lived closer, I like those rates!! Andrew was quite the charmer and stole the heart of everyone at this stop. Dominic expressed interest in Andrew and Cecilia would ask for Andrew to sit next to her. Even Ms. Heather found Andrew very amusing.

The children in the picture at the top of this post, from left to right are Andrew, Dominic, Cecilia, Wesley, Declan, Patrick and Jared. Patrick was at gymnastics during most of the evening. He stopped at the house long enough to get his things as the older boys stayed at their Aunt Kristen's house so that we could stay overnight. Thank you for giving up your room for us!

Cecilia was very sweet to all of the boys. Cecilia is growing up into such a nice young lady! It seems like yesterday that she was being born and now she is a beautiful little lady. In this picture you can see her playing with Jared. They were putting all three of the Curious George dolls into the triple decker. Each George was properly secured into his seat.

We had a very nice evening with everyone including Ms. Heather's husband Chris and his parents Marsha and Terry. The next day, we spent the day in Houston to visit. We wanted to spend the day visiting with Ms. Heather. In this picture, you can actually see Ms. Heather a little bit. She was working in their office and Jared was standing at the door hoping she would come out and play :-)

Thank you Chris, Heather, Dominic, Patrick, Cecilia and Declan for your hospitality! Hopefully we will be able to repay the favor very soon and you can come visit us in Tallahassee. While we had a great night and following day with Ms. Heather and her family, this was not our final destination. We still had one more leg of our trip to get to Grandma and Grandpa in Junction.

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