Friday, February 20, 2009

Grandma Sally's Visit

Prior to our family contracting this terrible virus, Grandma Sally was planning a visit to help us out as I was scheduled to travel for work this week. Grandma was scheduled to arrive on Saturday and I was supposed to leave on Sunday. When the virus struck the boys, then Daddy and then me, my travel plans were modified but Grandma was still coming. I got sick on Thursday night and we thought all would be safe for Grandma's arrival on Saturday.

We were wrong!!! On Sunday night, Grandma took her turn to dance with this stomach bug. We are so very sorry for getting you sick Grandma. My office, hearing just how contagious this bug was decided it was best for me to stay home to work this week and not bring this vicious bug into our office. Grandma spent a couple days in bed but was then able to spend a couple days hanging out with the boys before she headed back home.

Aside from the illness another point of interest during the week was Wesley's desire to spend every minute in Grandma's lap. Wesley is usually a go with the flow kinda kid and spends most of his time quietly playing with his toys. Well, he sure enjoyed spending time with Grandma. When she would sit on the couch he would immediately crawl over, stand up and let out one whimper and she would scoop him up. All he wanted to do was sit in Grandma's lap. I hope he realizes that this power of "manipulation" ends once Grandma goes home.

We are travelling over the next two weeks to visit family in Louisiana and Texas. I realize that the boys are going to be so use to getting all kinds of attention while we are away that I will have little monsters on my hands when we get back. But, the boys have been so wonderful to us that they deserve to be spoiled!!

A little over a month ago, I posted pictures of Jared and Andrew in their silly winter hats that I was forced to purchase because I shopped so late in the season. It was cold when we took Grandma to pick up her car and we used the hats again. Since I had not previously posted a picture of Wesley in his hat, I made a point to take his picture...

In the picture with Grandma, you can see Jared's new teeth. He has been working on bringing in his two tops teeth over the past week. This brings his tooth total to four, Wesley has one snaggle tooth on the bottom and Andrew is still all gums!

We enjoyed having Grandma here but wish she would come back when we are all healthy!

Take care,


  1. It must be the name Andrew... as my Andrew still has no teeth either. He will be 10 months tomorrow.

  2. I love Wesley's hat picture. The expression on his face makes me laugh.


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