Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 5 (part b) - Kimble County Courthouse

After leaving the General Store, we headed over to the Kimble County Courthouse to visit with Grandma Peggy's friends and co-workers. We were very happy to see Ms. Donna. Ms. Donna was so helpful when the boys were first born. She accompanied Grandma Peggy to Tallahassee to help "man" the crib. I was glad she was able to see the boys again when she was not having to feed them, change diapers or keep them from crying. Below is Andrew with Ms. Donna...

Below is Jared hanging out in Grandma's courtroom....
Jared spent most of the trip flirting with the ladies so I was not surprised that he only spent a couple moments on his own two feet before being scooped up my Ms. Joleen (pictured below). He is going to be quite the heart breaker. He sure moves from the arms of one lovely lady to another without any trouble.
The boys were busy visiting with everyone but Andrew did not allow us to forget that we had moved into nap time. He decided (so kind of him) to allow us to keep visiting while he decided to take a nap in the arms of Ms. Joleen. She was rocking in the chairs in the jury box and he was very happy to rest his eyes right there ....

Well, where is Wesley? Wesley did not spend too much time in the court room where we were sitting as he was busy strolling up and down the hallway with whomever was willing to walk with him. Click here to see a post with him pictured while walking during this visit. The picture was posted with his post in which he started walking when we arrived home from the trip.

With Andrew reminding us it was nap time, we decided we had enough fun for the morning and we headed back to the house. We arrived home and put the boys to bed for their morning nap. Our morning was busy but there were many more friends and family to meet in the afternoon.

So far, the boys love Junction as Junction seems to love the boys!

Take care,

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