Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 5 (part D) - Dinner at Isaac's

After a full day of fun, we got dressed and headed out to dinner at Isaac's. Isaac's is a restaurant in Junction. We were joined by Ms. Donna, Mr. Ford and Harley. It was relaxed (as much as it can be with three 10 month olds) because we had enough adults to take charge of one little guy. Ms. Donna was hanging with Andrew (as pictured), Grandma Peggy was sitting with Jared and I was next to Wesley.

Harley was lucky enough to get the "hot" seat between Wesley and Andrew. The boys had learned that there is much better food on the plates that we eat from. As such, she had little hands grabbing at her plate from both sides. She handled it like a trooper with a tight grip on her plate.

The boys enjoyed the dinner quite a bit as they were able to eat a mountain full of french fries. Wesley was sitting with me and I tried to bring him a few things back from the salad bar. In addition to his french fries, he was willing to eat the cucumbers and pickles that I gave him. The boys are so excited to try anything that isn't baby food, they seem to be eating anything. Keep it up boys!

After a great night of dining with family and friends, we headed home to get a good nights sleep. Ms. Joleen came over when we arrived home to play with the boys and help get them all ready for bed. It's so nice to have extra hands around when we are changing them for bed. It was a good thing the boys were able to get some sleep because Day 2 in Junction was a Fish Fry!!!

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