Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 6 - Morning with Grandpa!

It's day 2 in Junction (day 6 of our trip) and after a good night sleep, we are all ready to party! Today is Saturday and there is a Fish Fry planned at the house where many family and friends will be stopping by to meet the boys.

In the morning, the boys woke up and spent part of the morning playing with Grandpa Dooker. Here are some pictures....

I love this picture! It looks like Wesley and Grandpa are having a serious "man to man" conversation in which Wesley is sharing all of his wise advice... (note Wesley's right hand holding onto the doilies).

This is Wesley starting outside to where Squirt is playing. In this picture, you can see a great shot of the infamous pink doilies. Wesley loves to feel fabrics and textures. He found this doilies and latched onto it the before going to bed the previous night. We decided to let him take it to bed. When he woke up in the morning, he was still holding onto it. We got him out of bed and he kept holding onto this late into the day.
Here are the boys looking at Squirt who was outside of the door....
Here is a picture of Squirt. Squirt, we were sorry that you had to stay outside while we were visiting. We did not mean to evict you from your own home. (**Note - a few weeks after our trip to Texas, Squirt became very ill and had to be put to sleep. Squirt, you will be missed!).

After a morning of playing around, the boys had breakfast, got dressed and were ready for another day of fun. At breakfast on this morning, Grandpa Dooker made the boys some scrambled eggs. They were not a big hit with the boys but I thought they were wonderful. It was the first non-baby food that the boys have not eaten right up. We will try again at another time.
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